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Sea Food & Shoot…

The ocean is filled with grotesque sea creatures, and now you can finally clean it up! In this action-shooter,…
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Kick Out Kim HD

Are you sick of Kim? Time to kick him out of Pyongyang! Launch him into the air and send…
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ebrah first room escape

Ebrah First Room Escape Game is an point and click escape from are trapped, in order to escape…
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Descent of the Tomb

After years of research, the entrance to an ancient tomb has been discovered. Beyond its doors are rumored to…
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Silent Town Escape

You need to go to another town before night time. It’s either figure out a way to fill up…
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Abandoned Cruise Mystery

The ship was abandoned a long time ago, you play as a ghost who was trapped inside. Try find…
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Magic Clock

You are a traveler who is trying to find a way out of this mysterious land. BlackWebMedia
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Sheriff Rescue

Your duty as a sheriff’s deputy is to find a way to rescue the poor sheriff. BlackWebMedia
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Strange Halloween Escape

In this game, you’re trapped inside an abandoned haunted house. Find the objects and solve the puzzles that can…
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Mystical Fairy Escape

In this game you need to help a little girl to find her way to the mystical dream world.…
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