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Cooking Contest

That big cooking contest is today? I forgot my things, including my secret cookbook. BlackWebMedia
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Neighborhood Burglar

Everybody likes your new neighbor. But… burglaries have been happening all around. BlackWebMedia
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Fire in a Hotel

There is a huge fire in a hotel downtown. One of the guests refuses to leave without her things.…
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Saloon Robbery

Saloon was robbed and we need to find out where these robbers are heading next. BlackWebMedia
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Dragon Hunters

The dragons from raiding our lands again. Go out there and retrieve those jewels. BlackWebMedia
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New Sushi Bar

I bought that old Japanese restaurant. Help me clean it up… BlackWebMedia
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Clockmakers Forest

Last night I went through the forest and some of my things fell off my cart. I must go…
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Old Planetarium

We want to reopen the old planetarium. There is a lot of junk and we need help cleaning the…
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All Hands On Deck

The captain is coming aboard for a final inspection before we set sails. The ship must be in perfect…
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Messy Atelier

The old painter has finally gathered all the inspiration needed, but he can’t work in a messy atelier. You…
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