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Fairy maker

Create your own fairy with Fairy maker. You can dress up your fairy, color and decorate her with cute…
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Fashion pretty girl

Ava wants a new style! Let’s start with her make up and then pick a fashion outfit for her!…
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Veterinary Clinic Volunteer

Amy loves to spend time with animals, and this summer she decided to volunteer in animal shelter and take…
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Halloween Fun

Who doesn’t like Halloween? This day full of pumpkins, treats and spooky decorations. Each year Emily very carefully picks…
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Romantic Gondola Ride

What is the best outfit for gondola ride: light summer dress or carnival costume? Venice gives everyone possibility to…
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A Date in Aquarium

Amy is invited for romantic date to aquarium. This place is full of incredible creatures and magnificent ocean life.…
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Anna and Elsa Chit…

Choose your favorite scene and outfit, type few funny words and enjoy the comic chit-chat scene that you have…
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Flamenco Dancer

Spain welcomes visitors with bright sun and magnificent rhythms of flamenco. Colorful dresses, extravagant hair styles and authentic accessories…
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Sweet Little Pony Care

This sweet little pony had an accident while playing outside. Help her get better by following the prompts in…
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Horse riding

So much time passed by, but I still don’t feel like myself. I try to stay positive. Today, I…
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